Svetlana Sapkina ELLEE CERAMICS and Saule Juga DREAM ART

Svetlana Sapkina ELLEE CERAMICS and Saule Juga DREAM ART

Scotland vs Lithuania – The Message from Underworld

Friday 15th September to Sunday 24th September 2017

Preview: Friday 15th September 6pm to 10pm

Saule and Svetlana, young but very accomplished talents from Lithuania, have discovered that since making their home in Scotland, certain resonances between both lands. This is the inspiration that they have employed in order to execute and present their beautiful and uniquely esoteric styled works.

Aside from the sheer aesthetic enjoyment of these drawings, paintings and sculptures, the purpose and the hope is that they will communicate a deeper appreciation of our shared historical values and traditions, reminding us that although most people seem to be focused mainly on material and financial concerns, it is by being true to our own authentic selves, our dreams, our connection to and our being in harmony with nature, that gives real meaning and satisfaction.

Svetlana and Saule will invigilate the exhibition.