Sarah Varady

Sarah Varady

Float – An exhibition of fine art.

Monday 8th May to Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Preview: Friday 12th May – 7pm to 10pm

My purpose is to capture inner emotions of the human being and express it in different mediums. I create mysterious, otherworldly places representing feelings, thought or situations. These are fraught with secrets, open to interpretation.

For my non-figurative pieces, I often use references of the human body that I transform into abstract shapes. In my work the cave motif plays also a meaningful role. These are those hidden, personal places, where one can remain unseen from the surrounding universe. In my figurative work the caves are inside of the people describing intimacy and personality. I often leave my figure’s gender unknown and placing into non-existent spaces. With my images, I question the relation between the figures or between the person and the interior. Through my pieces, I always keep in mind to balance my mark making technique between the chaotic textures and the plain areas. Also, I often create asymmetric compositions applying the Fibonacci spiral or the golden ratio. With my art, I am aiming to generate a visual shock in the audience and make them think.

My works explore the relationship between artistic expression, personal identity and relations and utilize a variety of media, including oil painting, watercolour, lithograph, etching and sculpture.