MC Redman

MC Redman

Dead Horse: The Ivory Estate

Friday 22nd July to Monday 8th August 2016

These works seek to draw parallels between the cultural society of the Renaissance and that of today. Two worlds; one openly motivated by greed and growth, the other veils itself in piety and moral righteousness but is equally driven by the dirt and shine of money. In a time where the lines of our culture are being re-drawn, the past is a cage, the future is locusts and hierarchy is eternity. To those of the Ivory Estate, the future is cake.

M-C Redman is from Essex, has lived in Brussels and currently resides in Glasgow; where she graduated from the Painting and Printmaking department of Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Her work explores the idea of a social hierarchy maintained by elitist culture and politics. Redman’s imagery is created using pencil, ink, watercolour and oil paint, though not all at the same time.