Douglas G McKechnie

Douglas G McKechnie

Lineman Exhibition – New series of paintings and prints

Wednesday 1st November to Tuesday 14th November 2017

Preview: Wednesday 1st November 6pm to 9pm

Born in Glasgow, Douglas G Mckechnie, has been producing paintings, sculpture and mixed media projects from his early teens to the present day, on a journey which has seen him gain a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Glasgow School of Art (1972) and create artwork for albums such as blues legend John Martyn, as well as many of his pieces being part of private collections both in Scotland and abroad.

Douglas’s work over the years has mirrored his universal influences from Miro and Kandinsky to Hepworth and Mondrian. His work fuses this myriad of styles to create personal statements of joy, loss, pain and wonder of the human condition.

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