Ruudu Ulas & Magdalene Wanderlust

Ruudu Ulas & Magdalene Wanderlust
Fulcrum / Stream of Gold

15th – 29th May 2015

Ulas and Wanderlust’s work positions itself in-between practices that are concerned with representation. Unlinked by apparent subject, ‘Fulcrum’ and ‘Stream of Gold’ are two distinct bodies of work with a common cause – to speak to the viewer’s liminal perceptions of space and time and expand them. Ulas’ comment on the complexity of architecture as idealistic construct is grounded by Wanderlust’s esoteric landscapes. The figure phases in and out of existence to allow for an expanded notion of the temporal and the physical to occur. These two bodies of work position themselves centrally to consider the outside and the inside with equal measure. The work of these emerging artists provides a contemplation on universal concerns through conventional media that seeks to engage the audience in a series of questions that have the photographic representation at their core.

Michail Mersinis
Lecturer in Fine Art Photography at The Glasgow School of Art