Norma Landels McKay

Norma Landels McKay

Earth Lines


My work both conceptual and abstract is driven by senses when in landscape.  It is informed by the colour and shape of the land in southern Spain; where I also live and work and by my birth country, Scotland. Everywhere in landscape I see lines. Organic outlines of ancient mountains and man-made scored and shaped drills in fields. Having links to two countries allows seeing winter deep blue skies over cerise pink earth, hyacinth coloured lines of saffron crops and orange earth the same hue as the fruit growing above on the trees.  In Scottish winters, white frosted stripes on ploughed fields below denim blue skies, burnt orange bracken illuminated by horizontal light.  Shadows and shapes and colour inform my work continually.

The technicality is harder to explain as it has an unknown experimental quality about it.  The images I have in my mind are not always what I end up with.  My work was once described as having a certain graceful ‘Chaotic Order’ to it.  Pigments, plant fibres, stone dusts and casein are applied and alter both colour and end result unless worked on.  The colour and texture are throughout and not just on the surface.  If a piece is lighter than expected, tone or colour has to then be applied on top and sometimes the relief surfaces have to be scratched or scored to reveal one or other.

At all times in my life of work, family, joy and grief, the visual stimulus of landscape in my artwork has always given solace.  I think it is what most of us involved in making art hope to achieve.