Eugen Alupopanu


Eugen Alupopanu
Crossing the Line’

This exhibition was the third part of the project started in 2014. Then, coming from the East (Romania) to the West, in the opposite direction than that of the old explorers of new worlds, I put on paper feelings and impressions that I had about the cities visited. Now, being in Glasgow for three weeks I am deeply impressed by the city and the people, I decided to exhibit my drawings like a journal.

The young artist is like a hero from a story, who searches to discover himself and his initiatory path through the World.

I left Bistrita, a small town in the heart of Transylvania, I saw Lisbon with its oceanic exuberance, and now I am in Glasgow with its cultural massiveness. I found myself at crossroads many times, I crossed many cultural and conceptual lines, borders, so these drawings are witness to the passing of time.

Paul Klee said that “a line is a dot that went for a walk”. In this case, I think that I am the dot that went walking, dragging the lines from all directions until they have reached here, in front of the viewer.

Veneer Gallery for a week was a place where the traveller could rest for a while, perhaps to imagine where the next road is? Or what is the next tail he, the artist will put onto paper?