Boyd McNicol

Boyd McNicol
A Celebration of Prints and Paintings
10th April – 26th April

Born in 1949 Boyd McNicol attended Glasgow School of Art where in 1972 he left clutching a diploma in fine art, the coveted D.A.

His output over the years has been prodigious and diverse lithographs and an understanding of printmaking lead to graphic work which include cartoons magazines publications, huge murals, neon installations in public spaces, interiors, painting and any venture that required sure skills and a fertile imagination.

A career in teaching spanning thirty years at the sharp end of teaching working with difficult and disturb adolescents, Boyd developed expertise in and a commitment to the concept of art as a therapeutic tool. Well respected in this field, Boyd delivered lectures to Edinburgh School of Art Therapy as well as undertaking overseas tours on the subject.

Years of developing a tight and painterly pastel technique Boyd works predominantly in oils, producing dreamlike images which are haunting yet strangely familiar, the sum of a diverse life experience and fertile imagination.

Recent work has become deeply personal, reflecting his attitude to life, love and family in an increasingly allegorical manner in the hope these images connect and cause echoes in your experience.