Dominic Currie

Animated ‘Scaatland’ – Referendum Art Exhibition

by  Dominic Currie

The exhibition ran for 6 weeks ending on September 22nd 2014

As the countdown to the Independence vote enters its last few weeks, Scottish Pop Artist Dominic Currie is bringing a new exhibition inspiredby the referendum debate to Glasgow’s Veneer Gallery. Taking inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein, old American comic charactersand a healthy dose of native Scots humour, the Fife-based artist takes a tongue-in-cheek side swipe at all the political campaign groups – both yes and no. The artworks, bursting with sparkling colour, pay tribute to a country in political transition but play with Scotland’s shortbread and haggis stereotypes to create a world of sober reflection. Dominic said: “There’s so much misinformation and hot air around the independence debate.

“People are confused and bamboozled by it all, so much so that the seriousness of it is being lost on a lot of them.

“I’ve tried to take a side-swipe at the issue, which might draw peopleback into the debate and look at it from a different angle.

“These works are timeless in their context but also allow us to consider our own identity in a new and novel way.”

The exhibition, which opens on August 1, represents the first Glasgow showing for the up-and-coming artist, whose works have already been snapped up by buyers in Scotland and America. One buyer, Professor Will Storrer of Princeton University said Dominic’s art: “Doesn’t just simply make a direct translation of classical sources it also recreates the spirit of such works in a recognisably Scottish dialect.”

Scot Billy Kay (Author of ‘The Mither Tongue’) has also described Dominic’s art as “Braw, Gleg an Gallas”.